Is the student who will be appointed by Sunan Ampel

We Do Not Forget From A Football Gambling Agent to Visit Our Website – Sultan Demak, the first close relationship with Sunan Ampel with the Majapahit court, made the spreaders of Islamic religion in the Majapahit Kingdom’s domains, especially in the northern coast of Java Island, not experiencing significant obstacles, even obtaining permission from and support of the royal authorities.

Sunan Ampel is listed as the first Islamic royal designer on the island of Java with the capital at Bintoro Demak which is considered to have great service in putting the politics of the Islamic ummah in the archipelago. Cirebon Sultanate, other songo guardians who contributed a great deal of greeting the spread of Islam in West Java, is Sunan Gunung Jati or Syarif Hidayahtullah’s real name 1570 m. He was the founder of the sultanate of the king of Cirebon and then banten.

Sunan gunung jati is the first grandson of raja pajajaran prabu siliwangi, the marriage of his mother nyai lara santang. Putri prabu siliwangi with her father syarif abdulah or maulana mahmud sultan, Arab aristocrat from the descendants of the Hashim lineage of the Prophet Muhammad.

Syarif hidayahtullah sunan gunung jati, born in Saudi Arabia. As an adult, he chose to charge and returned to Java island to meet his uncle, Raden Walang Sungsang, his mother’s brother Raja Pajajaran, Prabu Siliwangi, which was titled Prince cakra Buana in Cirebon. After his uncle died he replaced his position and succeeded in raising the status of Cirebon to become an official sultanate which stood as an Islamic kingdom that was free from the power of pajajaran.

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