Coming from the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai

988Sport – Ibn Battuta further noted that as soon as he arrived at the port of the ocean of the kingdom, the locals came in droves to come and get on their boats to offer goods in the form of mango banana coconut fish, ETC. They give their goods to interested entrants traders without determining the price is up to any payment.

the kingdom of Sumatra at that time already used Chinese-made copper currency and gold bullion, the port also had a royal representative who was in charge of overseeing security and giving permits and loading and unloading facilities for ships that arrived anchored.

Because the first maulana malik ibrahim wali songo, was a missionary missionary sent by the zainal sultan abidin bahian syah 1396 m. in 1395 m. maaulana malik ibrahim lived in barren for 20 years, and died in 1419 m. This maulana malik ibrahim is a school of ahlussunah wal jama ah.

Same with the sultans who ruled at that time in the ocean. So it is not surprising that until now the influence of the ahlussunnah wal jama ah school is very dominant in East Java especially and Indonesia in general. In the 15th century AD, an Arab descendant was named Ash Shaykh Ali Al Qaisar and a group.

Directly led by the sultan Abdul Jalil bin Sultan al-Qahhar departed from Aceh pidi with a boat bound for Sulawesi and stopped at a port called Makassar they called Islam there until King Bone embraced Islam and the Islamic kingdom was born in Sulawesi. So the basics also come from Aceh.

Aceh is indeed the center of Islamic spreaders in Indonesia. As told by Hamka that that brings Islam to Pariaman which then spreads to the order of the Minangkabau nature from the coast. there is the burhanuddin Shaykh who died there and was buried in the pariaman. He was a student of Shaykh Abdul Ali Wis who settled in Aceh.

Whereas the spread of Islam from land, is from the kingdom of siak so that now people who are obedient in the religion of Minangkabau Islam are called urang saik.

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