Administratively, the Province of Bali is for the Top 1 Municipality of Denpasar

judi bola sbobet – Also the capital city of the districts of 51 sub-districts and 649 jumblah villages according to BPS projections in 1997 were 2,946,970 people. most of the people of Bali are other Hindus Buddhism and Christianity are very important in human life in Bali.

Where there are temples of temples and other places of worship almost every day there are religious ceremonies and sounds of gamelan instruments and as a result even though the religious life is large its influence on the culture of the population but the Baloi manages to maintain the original culture until now zinc is not the same as India.

Balinese Hindus also believe that the mountain is the place of residence of the sea gods where djinn demons live while humans are in the realm and always worship gods and fight demons. Although the tourism sector is very prominent in Bali but more than half of the people of Bali, live as farmers in addition to the people’s handicraft industry and kepari services.

Labor tourists and carpentry are also quite reliable businesses. agriculture in Bali is classified as advanced agricultural land can be cultivated optimally, in addition to fertile land rainfall is high enough in January also talented farmer mutual cooperation spirit and good water management irrigation system that has been used for hundreds of years is still right to use and useful until now.

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